What is Naked Wisdom?

Uncovering who you are underneath your
doing to experience deeper connection,
freedom and fullness in your being.

“The real juice of life, whether it be sweet or bitter, is to be found not nearly so much in the products of our efforts as in the process of living itself and how it feels to be alive.”



We Change

The self is always in an ongoing process of transforming and developing. We change. Each change shifts our worldview, perspective, and the very observer we are. As our “observer” develops we gain new insights into ourselves and our world. But in the transformational journey, we also encounter challenges and confusion. At some point, we look back on
our life and ask ourselves, Who am I now?  


We Observe

It's helpful to map where and how we observe in our lives to guide the journey of self discovery.  We show up as different observers in different life situations. As we look deeper at the self we can start to see wounds from childhood, trauma, cultural stories that are no longer working for us, and beliefs that are not our own. 

Looking At How We Observe

The question: “Who am I now” can burn so much in us that the courage emerges to take the deep dive and look in at ourselves. We are ready to strip away the unnecessary layers we created and hid behind to connect to our deepest and most honest self. We are also ready to look at the very observer we are and how we observe and make meaning in the world. To discover what observer is showing up when asking questions like When are we working from our most “enlightened self” and when do we crash and revert back to a less mature version of ourselves? 

Opening Our Eyes

Naked Wisdom speaks to the human experience and calls us to uncover who we are underneath all of your doing and experience deeper connection, freedom and fullness in what we do and how we respond. When we embark on the journey of deep self discovery and go into the shadows (out of our conscious habitual self), our eyes become opened and we rediscover our nakedness. We then begin to see what has been underneath all that we “put on” all along — our nakedness.

We have always been naked, we are now just rediscovering it from awareness.

The Observer Guide


Download the “observer guide” to help you gain insight into the different perspectives you take and how to map the observer you show up as and when.


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