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The awareness of our being
shapes the meaning of how we live.

Rediscover your Naked Wisdom. Uncover who you truly are underneath all of your doing and experience deeper connection, freedom and fullness in what you do.

The awareness of our being
shapes the meaning of how we live.

Rediscover your Naked Wisdom. Uncover who you truly are underneath all of your doing and experience deeper connection, freedom and fullness in what you do.

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Learning to connect more deeply with your true self is such good and important work, but what is the point if it doesn’t lead to a genuine connection with others? Jill’s weekly letter shares personal examples of how we can strip away our armor and learn to be more present and available to our Naked Wisdom. Discover insights and tools to help you create healthier relationships, improve overall well-being, and live from a place of deeper compassion. Begin practicing today!



Do you feel called to live a more connected, authentic life? 
We sometimes encounter crossroads that force us to confront our lives and rediscover who we really are and what our hearts truly want. This rediscovery can be disruptive as it causes us to question our current belief systems and values. The dissonance between the reality of your life right now and who we feel called to be can cause suffering.

Jill Thomas provides coaching for those committed to deep inner personal work that will impact their relationships, work, and personal life. Rather than focusing on simply changing your actions and behaviors, Jill works with you to create lasting shifts in your being and your mindset. Together, you will strip away the masks to uncover your true essence, define who you are now, and embody your Naked Wisdom.

Whether you’re navigating healthy and necessary life transitions
or struggling through a specific issue, Jill is here to help.
Learn more about Jill’s story and her approach.



Rediscover your nakedness

Resources and Training to help you connect to your deepest, most authentic self. 

For Support

Rather than focusing on simply changing your actions and behaviors, we’ll work on creating lasting shifts in your being and your mindset. Jill is not only a coach, but a guide, to help you see, find, and access what is already there. Whether you're feeling stuck, looking for deeper healing, or navigating common issues, this kind of coaching can be the first step in making meaningful shifts in your life.



For Starters

These live, collective learning experiences will help whether you intend to create healthier relationships, step into healthy power, learn to communicate better or heal through shadow work. You'll learn practices to help you engage with yourself and others with more awareness. Bite-sized and digestible, these
helpful tools integrate easily into your
life, love, and work! 



For Seekers

Getting curious about who you are & your unconscious self will help you rediscover your Naked Wisdom & increase your capacity to relate to others with greater compassion. Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation? This type of work takes courage. Find a community of like-minded people and come together to dive deep into this collective
transformative experience.



"Jill is an intimate, gentle guide who helped me discover the innate ability to see my true self and that all the answers I sought could be found within me. If you find yourself in a call to surrender or in an awakening or you feel changes moving in you and you are in need of guidance you will find Jill is exactly the type of coach who encourages you to grow from a place of deep listening and in an environment of trust. As a result, I have grown in my capacity toward every one of my relationships."

Stef - Client

"I was dealing with lots of anxiety in my life and I was recommended by someone close to me to go see and talk with Jill. Jill was able to explain to me that I was going through some big developmental shifts in my life. She not only normalized what I was going through but I would leave our meetings full of excitement and hope. She provides an incredibly safe space and is always so supportive and attentive. Thanks to Jill I have the tools and new language needed to help me through this shift."

Kirk - Client

"Through genuine, heart-centered coaching, Jill has masterfully guided me on a path of greater self-awareness and understanding. Her intuitive, thought-provoking questions have helped me gain a new perspective on my life and relationships. She has helped me discover tools that work for me and has proven to help me navigate life’s challenges. Every time I finish a session with Jill, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my mind and heart. I have found my time with Jill to be deeply valuable."

Melissa - Client

A Human Development Approach

The only constant in life is change. As humans, we are always in an ongoing process of transformation and development. We develop and experience rapid changes in childhood and without even trying; we develop and change in adulthood. At some point, we look back on our lives and ask, "Who am I now?" Learning about adult development can help us understand how developmental maturity impacts our worldview, our perspective, and our very self as the observer.

Mapping your own development can give you a snapshot that reveals your current self-awareness (where you are as an observer). As a STAGES International Coach, Jill uses the STAGES of human development model to learn how her clients and students experience and interpret the world. This helps her understand your strengths, challenges, unseen shadows, and untapped potential.


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"Our connection with other people is only as solid and deep as our connection to ourselves.
In order for me to be connected to you, I have to know who I am.  I have to be connected to myself.
We end up desperately searching for connection with other people before we know who we are. " 

- Brene Brown


"The greatest service that we can do for others is to look inward and get to know ourselves." 

- Michael Stone