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Hi, I'm Jill Thomas

Ten years ago I lost my 2-year-old daughter in a sudden and tragic accident. At that moment my world was turned upside down forever. The despair of losing my daughter revealed the tears in the fabric of my world, my values, my beliefs… Suddenly I awoke to the ways my habitual way of being no longer worked for me. My identity as a mother, a wife, and an active member of my faith, could no longer withstand the grief bearing down on me.

It was clear my life would never be the same. I was being called to live from a depth of being I didn’t know existed within me. I tried everything: praying harder, leaning even more into my faith, doing all the “right” things to heal grief. But nothing worked. I felt I no longer had access to my innate wisdom and intuition.

 I began to wake up and question: Is this all there is? There must be more to life than the pain I find myself in. Deeper meaning, deeper purpose, deeper connection. The path to reconnecting with my daughter led me down a path of reconnecting with my true, authentic Self.

 My curiosities took me beyond the faith of my upbringing, and I eventually discovered thinkers and teachers like Ken Wilber, Michael Stone, and Terri O’Fallon, who taught me that every human is on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and reclaiming our Naked Wisdom. I became curious about connecting with my True Self.

After a time, I began to feel like a more true, authentic version of myself was emerging on the other side of so much darkness and confusion. At the same time, I had a profound shift in the way I viewed my husband. He was no longer mine, enmeshed with my identity, but a separate being having his own individual experience that deserved to be tended to.

I was holding onto the past, to a life before grief and loss. Our move to France helped me and my family find ourselves again. We began to take a new perspective on life. In our time abroad, away from the reminders of so much pain, we found the sense of vitality and freedom we so longed for as a family.

When we moved back to Utah, I was desperate to maintain the new sense of self I discovered abroad. But I soon realized I had simply reverted back to all the external doing to maintain a sense of peace, freedom, and vitality. Once again I found myself at a crossroads.

So, I began to connect my external world to the internal shifts that were taking place within me. Constantly moving toward greater alignment with this new sense of Self. I came to recognize the importance of being supported by a community that values the profound sense of transformation I was undergoing and now find myself immersed in transformative learning.

I am a mother of 5 children from 18 to 7 years old. I have been married for 20 years and together, my husband and I find ourselves in an entirely new relationship. 

When faced with my deepest fears, I will always be proud of rising to the challenge and choosing growth, love, and potential. And it is my greatest honor to support and empower my clients to realize this same potential to face life’s challenges with courage, grace, and integrity.

My story, like the hero’s journey we must all embark on, is both incredibly unique to my experience, and infinitely universal. The story of love and loss, life and death, confusion and clarity, is the undercurrent of the human experience, guiding us on a brilliant arc of self-discovery and transformation.



ICF Newfield
Network Coach


Yoga Instructor


Breathwork &
Meditation Facilitator

2019 - 2022

Shadow Work Certification

2019 - 2021

What I do

I am a coach and facilitator of personal, spiritual, and collective transformation, helping humans rediscover their Naked Wisdom. Using an elevated approach to transformation and growth, I offer coaching for those committed to deep inner personal work that will impact the good work they aspire to do in this world. I will walk along your journey with you providing wisdom and skills while asking deep, insightful questions to illuminate the path of rediscovering your Naked Wisdom. It is my job to hold space for you as you remember your innate wisdom and inherent freedom, breathing life into the endless possibilities of realizing your full potential.


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