About Coaching

  Are you feeling called to live life from a deeper, more connected, and honest place?
Are you exhausted from all the doing and controlling of your life and others?
What would it be like to feel satisfied, as though what you are and what you have is enough?
Can you imagine seeing others for who they are and not what you need them or expect them to be? 

Maybe there is a problem, conflict, or confusion that is calling you to rediscover who you are now and what your heart is calling you to be. This can be disruptive and confusing as it may cause you to question your belief system, your current values, what you want in your relationships, your job, or where and how you live. The dissonance between what you are feeling called to be and the reality of your life can cause anxiety, confusion, and depression.
Coaching helps to narrow that gap by helping you uncover the wholeness that lies within you.

"You can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein 

Together, with JIll, you will:

  • Get curious about your values and what your heart wants
  • Uncover and transform limiting beliefs and old narratives
  • Learn to observe your own experience with greater clarity and awareness
  • Equip you with tools for deeper, more authentic relationships
  • Empower you to challenge yourself beyond your leading edge
  • Practice genuine listening
  • Cultivate grounded presence
  • Embrace a greater sense of vitality and freedom
  • Heal deep shadows that are sucking up energy and causing you to overreact
  • Thrive with a sense of healthy power by taking your energy back
  • Learn to live from a full and overflowing cup
  • Expand your capacity to hold and love others

My Coaching Approach


What sets my approach apart is rather than focusing on changing actions and behaviors, we’ll work on creating lasting shifts in being & mindset. Being is who you are, it’s what you find underneath all the doing; your values, thought patterns, beliefs, stories, and assumptions. This part of you can be learned from your cultural background, family and is conditioned throughout your life.


Let’s think of doing as the actions you take. It’s quite literally what you do. Doing encompasses 
the decisions you make, as well as your habits, routines, and behaviors. My approach is focused
on creating shifts in your being.  It’s the work at
this deeper level that creates lasting change. 
Actions then follow naturally and align with a new state of being.


Looking inward at the self is the first step in making meaningful shifts in our lives. In order to create a shift in your being, it’s necessary to first work on becoming more aware of yourself and others. This is where the journey of rediscovering your Naked Wisdom comes in. Naked wisdom is the freedom and vitality that comes from inner awareness and then living a deeply authentic life.

A Human Development Approach

The only constant in life is change. As humans, we are always in an ongoing process of transformation and development. We develop and experience rapid changes in childhood, and without even trying, we develop and change in adulthood. At some point in our lives, we look back on our experiences and ask ourselves, "Who am I now?" Learning about adult development can help us understand how developmental maturity impacts our worldview, our perspective, and our very self as the observer. 

Mapping your own development can give you a snapshot that reveals you as an observer or your current self-awareness and perspective-taking skills. As a STAGES International Coach, Jill uses the STAGES of human development model to learn how her clients and students experience and interpret the world. This helps her understand your strengths, challenges, unseen shadows, and untapped potential.

“I had no idea what to expect, this was all very new to me. I was able to open up to Jill with ease. She is like a guide, and she is helping me find my way back to ME. Peeling back the layers, quieting the noise, clearing the clutter and helping me sift through it all to connect me back to what rings true to me. It’s been transformative. I feel lighter and my mind is clearer with each time we talk.”

Ciara - Client

"Jill is the most transformational coach I’ve ever worked with, and I have worked in the coaching space for over a decade.  During a very rough time in my life, after a faith transition, Jill helped me build a framework through which I could integrate past ideologies with my new emerging worldview. Our work together led me to improved self-image, empowerment, and hope.  She is unmistakably the most empathic teacher and listener I’ve worked with."

Elisha - Client

"Jill coached me on an amazing journey of discovery. Jill has a unique ability to meet her clients where they are and gently guide them where they want to go. For me, this process entails coming home to myself and integrating parts of me that have been left behind. Working with Jill has helped me heal, connect and feel in ways I did not know were possible. She is a gift to all who are fortunate enough to work with her."

Vance - Client

"I was in awe at the end of each session, having found deep within myself all I needed to deeply heal. Jill coached me to discover the positive intent behind feelings, thoughts and the ‘why’ behind why I do the things I do.It was my experience that Jill has a beautiful way of intuitively guiding you through a body experience to fully process information.For me, this added step enabled permanent healing." 

Stef - Client

"Coaching was new to me. I didn’t know what to expect or what I should dive into. I had never had any coaching or therapy before and honestly, I was intimidated. I did know I needed to sift through some disfunction from my past that was effecting my current relationships that I valued. Jill has a natural way of being curious and kind without judgement. She gives you the inner confidence to look deeper and encourages you to understand your truth, all while keeping you centered and adding her own bit of guidance and thought provoking perspective. She is naturally gifted at creating a balance between effort from the student with tools from the teacher. What I find most valuable is her intuitive and vast knowledge of motherhood, child development, relationships, trauma and spirituality. As a natural creator, Jill is able to help you unravel complex emotions and life experiences into simple beauty that is easier to understand."

Aly - Client

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